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6clicks Risk Review for Teams is the best solution for quick and easy risk review.

Team-focused risk review

Ensure your team remains involved and informed of the risks they could face. Together.

Risk reviews on-the-go

Effective risk management doesn't have to wait. Keep your team mobile with 6clicks Risk Review for Teams.

Get started with expert risk libraries

Choose from our expert risk library collections or create your own in minutes.

Report on risk assessment results, risk treatment plans, actions, ownership and collaborate with colleagues in real time.

Create risk registers anywhere

Stay connected to your threats and access your risk registers from anywhere in the world.

Manage unlmimted risk registers

Make as many risk registers as your team or company needs.

Develop detailed risk mitgation plans

Easily manage, delegate and execute on post-assessment remediation activities.

Collaborate in real time

Add as many users as you need and let them work together in real-time!

Decentralise procurement and easily identify risky partners and projects, in terms of cybersecurity.

Access 100s of assessment templates

Leverage best practice, built-in assessment templates linked to relevant standards, laws and regulations available from the 6clicks Marketplace.

Create bespoke assessments

Customise any aspect of your assessments including questions, descriptions, answer schemas and whether evidence is required.

Bulk send assessments

Use templates or custom assessments to assess departments, vendors, third-parties or clients.

Leverage actionable insights

Track identified issues & remediation progress to continually improveme in high risk / low maturity areas.

Quickly and easily get started with a complete turn-key management system that will help you implement the right level of cyber and information security for your organisation.

Asset identification & classification

Identify your important information assets including owners and classifications, and link them to your risk assessments.

Assess against industry best practices

Assess your cyber and information security related risks, including identification of existing and planned controls based on industry standards.

Communicate policies & changes

Develop and maintain a set of policies, which explain the responsibilities necessary to implement required controls and mitigate risk.

Monitor control effectiveness

Be reminded to measure the performance of critical controls on a periodic basis and collect data to identify control effectiveness.

Third-parties are now the major cause of risk, with the problem getting more serious as supply chains become more global and digistised.

Highlight risky third-parties

Ensure your third-parties are treating your data and assets as you would your own.

Reduce risk exposure

Adopt a strategic, holistic approach to third-party risk and compliance.

Access best-practice content

Use content from the 6clicks Marketplace to align risk management processes with industry best practice.

Provide proof & assurance

Monitor ongoing compliance activities and risk assessments using 6clicks Compliance Proof.

Easily conduct assessments of your supply chain to reduce your exposure to Modern Slavery risk and meet compliance obligations.

Identify high- & low-risk suppliers

Establish a basis of transparency and continued collaboration with stakeholders in your supply chain.

Customisable assessments & controls

Meet the bespoke needs of your supply chain to ensure remediate action remains focused and relevant.

Generate Modern Slavery statement

Use collected data from suppliers to generate a comprehensive Modern Slavery statement template.

Prove compliance

Maintain an immutable record of your ongoing risk mitigation efforts using the 6clicks Compliance Proof.

Leverage 6clicks’ powerful analytics and reporting to identify organisational assets, risks, and prioritise and manage remediation activities.

Leverage 6clicks

Track and manage incoming support tickets from multiple channels with one inbox.

Leverage 6clicks

Track and manage incoming support tickets from multiple channels with one inbox.

Leverage 6clicks

Track and manage incoming support tickets from multiple channels with one inbox.

Leverage 6clicks

Track and manage incoming support tickets from multiple channels with one inbox.

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