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The easiest and most comprehensive information security management system on the market.

Engage in better information and cyber security

Identify, remediate and report on ISMS risks, and streamline compliance reporting.

  • Identify information assets
  • Assess related risks
  • Communicate policy changes
  • Measure control performance

6clicks can be the register that records your important information assets along with asset owners and classifications that identify particular sensitivities (such as confidentiality, integrity and availability).

Record your assets in 6clicks and then you can identify what assets are impacted by any given risk. Some risks will be organisation-wide, but others may be limited to a specific asset (e.g. system, process, or information type).

6clicks can replace any existing risk registers that you use to record risks and risk treatment plans including current and planned risk ratings using configurable likelihood and consequence levels.

Controls, such as those found in various industry standards such as ISO 27001, can be applied as existing or planned security controls, and 6clicks then provide reports on the level of compliance to different standards.

Policies are rarely effectively written yet alone implemented. 6clicks allows you to clearly identify the controls or regulations that are associated with any given policy requirement and assign responsibilities accordingly.

Policies in 6clicks can also be linked with scheduled tasks that determine who to notify and when. Recipients of scheduled tasks can then record performance data in 6clicks for reporting purposes.

6clicks includes reporting and analytics to surface performance data so you can determine if your risk and compliance management is operating as you intend, or whether corrective action is required.

6clicks supports measuring compliance through scheduled tasks and by performing assessments against any number of your policy requirements. Assessment questions and responses can be shared across your team.

Make it easy to manage your valuable assets

Identify, protect, detect and respond to security risks and issues internally and across your supply chain.

A single centralised ISMS management platform

Leverage the 6clicks Risk Review for Teams mobile app to populate your risk register

Access control sets and policy templates in the 6clicks Content Library

Share assessment results, policies and certificates in the 6clicks Trust Portal

Track and demonstrate the performance over your ISMS over time

Know your data is safe with our state-of-the-art security & architecture


Supercharge your ISMS with artificial intelligence

  • Map
  • Pivot
  • Automate
Enterprise customers can try our Hailey AI for automated mapping of compliance obligations and control requirements.
Using native or verified Hailey AI mappings, you can pivot the results of assessments between a variety of standards.
We're also extending Hailey to assist with the mapping of compliance requirements to assessments and controls.

Engage a trusted partner to manage your ISMS

You're not alone. 6clicks has various specialist service providers using the platform to support customers with assessments, advice, assistance or fully managed services.

Not sure where to start?

We've got our own collection of control sets and policies to give you a headstart!

Business Continuity

Cyber and Information Security

Identity and Access Controls

Information Security Issue Management

IT Operations Security

Network Security

Physical and Environmental Security

Supplier Security

System Acquisition and Development

and the list goes on...

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Implement an Information Security Management System

Quickly and easily get started with a complete turn-key management system that will help you implement the right level of cyber and information security for your organisation.

Identify your important information assets including owners and classifications, and link them to your risk assessments.

Assess your cyber and information security related risks, including identification of existing and planned controls based on industry standards.

Develop and maintain a set of policies, which explain the responsibilities necessary to implement required controls and mitigate risk.

Be reminded to measure the performance of critical controls on a periodic basis and collect data to identify control effectiveness.

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