Risk Identification

Swipe left and right. It's easy. Simply swipe right on the risks relevant to your business.

Actionable Insights

Get a firmer grasp on the risks that affect your projects, teams and organisation.

Risk Assessment

Once identified, your team can assess risks on the basis of impact and likelihood.

Team-Based Reviews

Invite each other to participate in reviews and share data to reach powerful consensus.


Swipe right or left on your own risks or pick from 100's curated by experts.


Work with your team to assess likelihood and impact of risks.

Action & Explore

Drill into insights, reports and get your risk matrix ready for reports in minutes.

Access Risk Libraries Curated by Industry Experts

Select from 100s of pre-defined risks to faciliate discussion and accelerate action. Enable and disable libraries to suit your risk review requirements.

Our comprehensive risk libraries include:
Board Top Risks, Business Continuity, Cyber Security, Environmental Risks, General Business, Occupational Health & Safety Risks, Pandemic Risks, Project Management, Startups & New Ventures

Generate Your Risk Matrix In Seconds

Share a risk matrix worth your time.

Our instantly actionable matrix provides insight like never seen before for directors, consultants, executive, managers and the board to make informed, data-driven decisions.

Managed Unlimited Risk Registers

Manage unlimited risk registers using the 6clicks Web App.

Report on risk assessment results, risk treatment plans, actions, ownership and collaborate with colleagues in real time.

Access Risk Reviews from anywhere, all for free.

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