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Offering larger businesses an easy-to-use platform to address and implement modern compliance and risk-related requirements.

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Start taking control of risk and compliance practices, whether it be for cybersecurity, modern slavery or beyond. With a turn-key ISMS, third-party assessment and management module, and much more, 6clicks is designed to help you create trust with all of your stakeholders.


Turn-key risk and compliance platform

Quickly and easily define internal control sets, perform assessments and manage risk across your entire organisation.


Next generation
enterprise SaaS

Leverage our highly-secure next generation cloud based platform that offers intuitive functionality and readily accessible content.


Designed for all

6clicks is designed to support you no matter your journey, industry, or size, with pricing plans that scale as you do.

Enterprise Features

  • Assess Risk
  • Establish Policies
  • Manage Performance
  • Achieve Compliance

Build bespoke assessments to assess compliance

  • Identify Assets

    Identify your important information assets including owners and classifications, and link them to your risk assessments.

  • Assess Risk

    Assess your cyber and information security-related risks, including analysis of existing and planned risk levels.

  • Manage Controls

    Access controls from industry standards and best-practice via the 6clicks Marketplace and implement them to mitigate risk.

Align your internal controls and policies to jurisdiction and sector specific regulation

  • Assign Policies

    Draw on control sets and policies from the 6clicks Marketplace to assign the necessary responsibilities to people within your organisation.

  • Configure Custom Policies

    Create your own internal controls and policies based on your company requirements and communicate them to the right people.

  • Policy Mapping

    Map internal controls and policies to regulations to ensure on-going compliance.

Identify and collaboratively manage risk

  • Scheduled Tasks

    Perform regular checks of critical controls against benchmarks to determine whether they are continuing to operate effectively.

  • Accessible Assessments

    Download assessments from the 6clicks Marketplace or build your own content to evaluate internal or third-party compliance.

  • Reporting & Analytics

    Prepare reports and analyse the performance of your program so you can continue to improve compliance and lower risk.

Empower and simplify how compliance is managed

  • Regulation Mapping

    Ensure holistic and transparent compliance by mapping regulations to other similar regulations, and to company policy.

  • Compliance Management

    Monitor outstanding implementation tasks and actions across your organisation and supply chain to effectively manage risk.

  • On-going Compliance

    Receive alerts when regulation changes to ensure your policies and practices stay up-to-date.

Preparing for the future of Risk Management

Trust is a core tenet of the work Lander & Rogers do. They work alongside and on behalf of their clients by using 6clicks for digital risk assessment, third-party auditing and internal policy management.

Genevieve Collins
Genevieve Collins
Chief Executive Partner, Lander & Rogers
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"Lander & Rogers has had great success using 6clicks to streamline our compliance with cybersecurity obligations – a sphere of risk we take incredibly seriously. It means they’ll be working closely with our lawyers to co-design risk solutions that promise profound benefits for our clients – in areas ranging from whistleblowing to modern slavery laws".
John Doe
John Doe@username
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John Doe
John Doe@username
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Explore the use cases of 6clicks


Cyber Risk Assessment

Directly assess imminent cyber threats with best-practice content.



Manage your third-parties and assets on one centralised platform.

Modern Slavery

Mitigate the risks of modern slavery across your entire supply chain.

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Protect your organisation with confidence

Use 6clicks to identify, manage and mitigate your exposure to your third-parties’ cybersecurity risk profiles, and confidently protect your customer's sensitive data.

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