Example of 6clicks Dashboard overview module in 6clicks platform

What is 6clicks? Why did we create it?

6clicks is going to transform risk assessment, risk management and compliance for both businesses and professional service providers. The 6clicks platform helps to automate and manage these processes, connecting stakeholders across the entire risk management and compliance lifecycle.

Our turnkey solution is 10 times cheaper than alternatives, and, like Xero, designed to be used alongside your trusted adviser. Using the 6clicks Marketplace, users can use officially sourced digital guidance to get a relevant assessment out the door in just six clicks. Some of these applications include cybersecurity, occupational health & safety, modern slavery, privacy, and bribery and corruption. 

If you’re interested to try out 6clicks, we invite you to join our official Preview Program here. 


6clicks: What It Is and Why We Created It

6clicks is an easy-to-use online platform for risk assessment, risk management and compliance, connecting businesses and service providers on a global scale.  

In these three crucial areas, most organisations still rely on outdated, time-consuming practices. Additionally, guidance from advisers is typically provided as a one-off service, slowing down the already-complex process of compliance – especially given the rapid rate of regulatory change. 


But there is a solution.  

Together with my colleague, Louis Strauss, I am excited to announce the launch of a product that we believe will transform these processes for both businesses and service providers

 More specifically, our goal is to transform how organisations: 

(a) Identify, understand and track their compliance obligations relating to their specific sector and jurisdiction. 

(b) Define company policies and map them to the relevant regulation to ensure ongoing compliance. 

(c) Create, sending and manage digital risk assessments used to identify risks within the organisation and across the supply chain. 

(d) Create, assign and manage remediate actions to support risk mitigation and compliance activities. 

(e) Collaborate and work with leading service providers across the entire risk management and compliance lifecycle. 


What problem are we solving? 

 If you have experienced (even just a little) the challenges of compliance in areas such as: 

  • Cybersecurity,  
  • Modern slavery,  
  • Privacy, and 
  • Bribery and corruption 

…then you’ll be all too familiar with ad-hoc, ill-defined and highly manual processes that rely on outdated spreadsheets and endless email threads.  

 Even when working with advisers, guidance is typically provided in the form of static documents, making proactive compliance extremely difficult. 


What is 6clicks?  

6clicks is a powerful alternative.   

We offer a virtual world where risk assessment and compliance processes are centralised, documents are easily accessible, and the whole experience drives collaboration.  

6clicks takes the friction out of creating, sending and managing assessments, as well as managing remediation activities post-assessment, to ensure ongoing compliance.  

Using 6clicks – whether it’s to address third-party cybersecurity, modern slavery, privacy, or corruption and bribery – businesses are able to get assessments out the door in just six clicks (hence the name!). 

A turnkey collaboration platform adapted for the digital economy 

6clicks is ultra-secure10 times cheaper than alternatives, and, like Xero, designed to be used alongside your trusted adviser. It is a genuine turnkey solution that makes the process of risk assessments as easy as sending a document for signing in DocuSign. 

Example of 6clicks Dashboard overview module in 6clicks platform
6clicks Dashboard

Using the built-in 6clicks Marketplace, companies can access policies, assessments and related guidance that aligns to their specific regulatory obligations. This content connects businesses with certified, leading service providers worldwide, saving time and cost for all parties involved. 

Example of 6clicks Marketplace module in 6clicks platform
6clicks Marketplace

We’ve also created the first-of-its-kind 6clicks Compliance Proof, which leverages DLT (blockchain) technology to ensure non-repudiation, traceability, and a transparent audit trail across the entire risk assessment lifecycle. 


We invite you to join our official 6clicks Preview Program here

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