KPMG alumni launch global RegTech platform 6clicks

KPMG alumni launch global RegTech platform 6clicks

MELBOURNE, Australia — Anthony Stevens and Louis Strauss, have launched 6clicks, a software-as-a-service product designed to help businesses streamline and automate risk assessment and regulatory compliance.

The first product of its kind, 6clicks combines compliance obligations, risk assessment and risk management into a single collaboration platform. According to Stevens, former Partner and Chief Digital Officer at KPMG, the goal of this new venture is to bring these processes into the digital era.

Sign up at www-staging.6clicks.io to receive a preview program invitation

Stevens believes that now more than ever, ‘businesses need automation and integration within their organisation and across their supply chains to manage the explosion of compliance obligations, enforced by thousands of regulators from different jurisdictions and sectors.’

‘Processes today are not repeatable, traceable or centrally managed with any measure of efficiency,’ he says.

Stevens points out that current solutions are heavily dependent on individuals and take days or even months to complete, with many teams viewing risk and compliance activities as a burden.

‘What’s more, even if you seek external help from an advisor, you are stuck with Excel and email. The whole process is time-consuming, stressful and expensive,’ he says.

But there is an alternative, says Stevens.

‘Imagine a world where your risk assessment and compliance processes are centralised online, where everything is easily accessible and the whole experience drives collaboration,’ he says.

‘What if you could get a third-party cybersecurity, privacy, OH&S or modern slavery assessment out the door in just six clicks?

‘All of this – and more – is possible with our new product, aptly named 6clicks. This innovative platform is 10 times cheaper than the alternatives, super easy to use, ultra-secure and, like Xero, designed to be used alongside your trusted advisor.’

Stevens believes 6clicks is a genuine turnkey solution. He likens it to DocuSign, which enables users to easily and seamlessly sign documents online, but with best practice policy, assessment templates and guidance from leading service providers baked in and ready to use.

‘Our mission is to make the process of risk assessments as easy as sending a document for signing in DocuSign,’ he says. ‘We’re taking the friction out of creating, sending and managing assessments, as well as managing remediation activities, post-assessment.’

Stevens says 6clicks is unique in that it is a ‘solution created for all stakeholders who take part in the assessment process – the assessor, the third party and the advisor. All these parties obviously play an important role, so we wanted to cater for all of them. This thinking was integral to the unique design of 6clicks and its powerful features.’

The launch of 6clicks comes on the back of Stevens’ and Strauss’ co-authored book, Chasing Digital.

In addition to his former roles at KPMG, Stevens has held senior roles at a number of other large companies, including Spotless Group. He is also the founder of several start-ups and a recognised thought leader in digital transformation.

Stevens and Strauss are currently accepting applications for the 6clicks preview program.

To learn more about 6clicks, visit www-staging.6clicks.io.

For all media enquiries, please contact:

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