Your Operating System for Risk & Compliance

Our risk management, governance and compliance software is quick to implement and easily scales to meet changing needs.

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Get affordable, state-of-the-art cyber risk and compliance software.


Mitigate your risk. Protect your reputation. Protect your customers.


Address risk management & compliance challenges alongside your clients.


Confidently assess against and implement government standards.

Welcome to Automated Risk Assessment and Compliance Management


Identify Assets and Manage Risk

Leverage 6clicks’ powerful analytics and reporting to identify organisational assets, risks, and prioritise and manage remediation activities.



Use 6clicks' automated assessment functionality to measure compliance within your organisation and across your supply chain.


Define and Manage Policies

Define policies in line with compliance obligations to easily govern your business processes, technology assets, and third-parties.


Track Compliance Obligations

Track laws and regulation in your jurisdiction and sector to ensure on-going compliance across your organisation.

When it comes to security, we set the standard

Your security is our priority

Configured to process highly-sensitive government data

Security by design

Enterprise-grade reliability and performance

Comprehensive access controls

State of the art technology

Expanding network of global data centres

Encryption at frontend and backend

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